Aaron White Latest Halloween Chiptune Disk

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Aaron White Halloween Special

October is the month that we get Halloween. You all know, the holiday that everyone dresses up for and tries scaring people. Well this year we have a treat for Halloween and that is a Chiptune disk from the amazing Aaron White.

This latest one features seven awesome tracks from classic titles The Addams Family, Ghostbusters, Friday the 13th, Halloween, The Munsters, Count Duckula II and Spooked. All the tracks have been converted to the Amiga in Aaron’s usual style and I got to say that they sound amazing.

My favourites happen to be Ghostbusters, Halloween and The Addams Family. Though the whole disk is great. Aaron you have definitely added some magic to the Halloween Holiday this year my friend. As usual, if you have an real A1200 or use UAE you can download the ADF from here. Enjoy all and watch for monsters.

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