Aaron White Latest Chiptune Mixes

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Aaron latest mixes

Greetings fellow chiptune fans. Since you are reading this I guess that you know what time it is? Yep our favourite Chiptune creator Aaron White has released some new tracks. This time it is something different to what he has released the last few months. From the picture above you will notice that two of the tracks mixes some classic game tunes like Super Mario Land and Tetris with some awesome samples. One track is created in tribute to Trumpton with also added samples to give a modern sound to it and a remixed classic dance track.

This was a brave move by Aaron but as with all his releases he manages to pull off the impossible and create something that is pretty amazing. The passion that Aaron puts into his mixes, whether he is doing classic C64 games or playing with dance tracks, the results are always the same…one hell of a disk to listen too. I just have to say Aaron my friend, you are a master of the chiptunes and my hat is tipped to you.

As usual all are created on an A1200. If you own a Amiga or use WinUAE then you can grab the disks from the links below:

Super Mario Land

Tetris Remix

Trip to Trumpton

Count On Me

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