Aaron White Latest Chiptune – Do the Bartman

Aaron's Do the Bartman

Hey there my fellow Chiptune fans. If you reading this then you know what that means? That’s right Aaron White has released another awesome track for us to enjoy. The latest tune Aaron has remixed is the classic 90’s rap Do the Bartman.

This was an awesome song when it was released and features Bart Simpson telling it how it is in Springfield. And now 25 years later Aaron reminded me just how great the tune was by remixing it and putting it out there for all to listen too. And he has managed to recreate it brilliantly and brought back a few memories of mine while listening to it.

If you use a real Amiga or an emulator like WinUAE, then you can download the disk from here and Do the Bartman yourself. Enjoy and thanks Aaron for giving quality releases.

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