Aaron White Chiptune Remix of Adamski’s Killer

RGDS Aaron Killer Adamski remix

They say that Christmas is a time for giving. Well thanks to Aaron White and his awesome Chiptune remixes this is definitely a true saying. This time around he and has given us a remix of a great track from a great artist. Killer by Adamski was a early 90’s song that was written with Seal and is the track that put him on the map.

This is a track that many people know and Aaron has once again took a great song, remixed it and produced something equally great. Considering the constraints of an Amiga 3.5″ Floppy, how he manages to fit it all is a great mystery and proves how passionate and talented this guy is.

If you own a A1200 or use WinUAE then you can download the disk from here. Enjoy!!

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