Aaron White C64 Chiptune Disk 2

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Aaron C64 conversions2

The talented Aaron White is back with his latest Chiptune disk. It was only at the beginning of this month that we were treated to a wonderful disk which contained some awesome C64 music that was converted to the A1200. This time we have a second disk with yet some more great chiptunes from the classics.

The ten games that Aaron have chosen are all from some great C64 games. I am sure that most of you who owned a C64 back in the day will remember these. If you take a look at the image above you will see the 10 titles picked and as usual the tunes have all been reproduced authentically and they sound really excellent.

I loved Flimbo’s Quest and Bubble Bobble, especially the music and to hear these brought back some great memories of the games. One of my favourite 80’s TV shows was Airwolf and the version done by Aaron is probably my favourite on the disk.

This is some really great work and as normally Aaron has hit it out of the park, quite spectacularly actually. If you want to check out these great tunes, then grab yourself WinUAE or a real A1200 and give it a listen. Aaron, my hat is off to you for some great work. Available to download from here.

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