Aaron White and RGDS Presents Sadness Part 2 by Enigma

Aaron's Enigma Sadness Part 2

Having been ill for a days I have been behind on doing things and haven’t been online as much as I would have liked. But that is going to change now I am well and to get back on course I have the pleasure of sharing with you a chiptune from the awesome Aaron White. His latest RGDS tune in Sadness Part Two by Enigma.

This is a very mellow song to chill out to thanks to the panpipes used to create it and Aaron has managed to remix this perfectly in his own style. It was a joy to listen to this as I haven’t heard the original in such a long time it was great to listen to it.

If you got a A1200 or WinUAE, You can download and checkout the disk from here.

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