Aaron White and RGDS A Chip Of The Old Block Chiptune Disk

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RGDS Aaron chip of the old block

Christmas has come early this year. While we might only be 12 days into December the talented Aaron White has released a few Chiptune disks already.  His latest disk presented by RGDS Podcast features some original stuff as well as covers of some great songs. American Idiot is the Green Day Version and Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me by Nik Kershaw, which sound great and done with Aaron’s own, unique style.

The original tracks created by Aaron sound great. They are catchy and full of his personality and passion. I would say my favourites on this disk are American Idiot, It’s a Reggae Dinner and Egyptian Temple. Though the whole disk is great and worthy of listening too if you want some background music.

If you own a A1200 or use WinUAE then you can download the disk from here.

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