A Review of The Cute and Colourful Rainbow Cotton Steam

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Rainbow Cotton is a unique title that brings a lot of charm to the table. This game is a full remake of the mostly-forgotten Rainbow Cotton, a Dreamcast rail shooter released exclusively in Japan in 2000. The game is set in the fairy kingdom of Filament, where monsters have infested several towns that produce the delicacy willow. The story, although slight, is amusing with Cotton’s lovably abrasive personality and anti-hero shenanigans elevating everything around her.

Publisher: ININ Games
Developer: SUCCESS Corporation
Release Date:  9 May 2024

Thanks to ININ Games & PR Hound for the code

The game’s art and technology are commendable. Cotton’s new 3D world is detailed, colorful, and lively. Each sprawling level abounds with activity and animation. The game keeps a steady 60fps in all but the most graphically taxing of scenes, which is a testament to the game’s technical prowess.

However, the game is not without its flaws. The experience is filled with bugs, camera issues, and decisions that left me scratching my head. Shooting, which is the bread-and-butter of Rainbow Cotton, is just not that entertaining. This is due partially to Cotton (and her broom) taking up too much real estate on screen. Enemies, hazards, and paths are sometimes obscured by her relatively large frame. Even when you can see the field clearly in front of you, there’s a random spray-and-pray feeling to the action.

The developer introduced a brand new lock-on mechanic to the remake that deploys Silk as a sort of homing missile. However, it’s rather slow-acting, and forces you to linger in a certain spot to achieve lock-on, so you open yourself up to enemy fire. Often it’s better to weave around the screen, searching for a clean angle, hoping your projectiles make contact, and avoiding projectiles that drain your health and interrupt your weapon.

Despite these issues, things improve during boss battles, which take place in the middle and at the end of stages. These provide a welcome change of pace and challenge, testing your skills in a more focused environment.

Final Thoughts

Rainbow Cotton is a charming game with a lot of potential. Its vibrant world, engaging characters, and unique premise make it a standout title. However, the gameplay issues, bugs, and camera problems hold it back from reaching its full potential. With some refinement and bug fixes, Rainbow Cotton could truly shine as a gem in the gaming world. For now, it remains a charming yet frustratingly clunky experience.

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