A Review of Racer Horizon Chase 2 on PS5

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If you have been around in gaming for a while and enjoyed racing games, especially from the 90’s then this is for you. Horizon Chase 2, has finally made its way to consoles after a PC release in 2023. Bigger and better than its predecessor, it’s a treat for those who has NOS running through their veins.

Publisher: Epic Games Publishing
Developer: AQUIRIS
Release Date:  30 May 2024

Thanks to Publisher for the review code.

World Tour Mode and Customization

The main attraction in Horizon Chase 2 is the World Tour mode, a fairly lengthy campaign that takes players around the world across numerous chapters. Collect tokens in each event for full completion, and tackle challenging Time Attack stages that truly test your driving abilities. As you progress, upgrade and customize your vehicles using earned coins. Transform the look of your favorite rides with new paint jobs, rims, and body kits.

Online Multiplayer and Local Co-op

Beyond the campaign, Horizon Chase 2 offers engaging online multiplayer features. Global leaderboards provide additional competition, and the fun Challenge Mode tasks you with completing races while achieving specific objectives. Brilliant local co-op options ensure hours of racing excitement.

Presentation and Performance

Visually, Horizon Chase 2 is a massive step up from the first game. Car models and environments are packed with much more detail. Dynamic weather changes add to the excitement; you might start racing with clear visibility, only to encounter a sandstorm that limits how far ahead you can see. The PS5 version performs flawlessly, maintaining a sensational sense of speed with rock-solid framerates and quick loading times.

Final Thoughts

While Horizon Chase 2 won’t hold your attention indefinitely, it’s undeniably fantastic fun. Lovely, vibrant courses, slick handling, and engaging reward loops make it a worthy addition to any arcade racing enthusiast’s collection. The novelty may eventually wear thin, but you’ll be smiling plenty while it lasts.

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