A Full Review Of The Legend of Steel Empire On Nintendo Switch Console

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The Legend of Steel Empire is a shoot ’em up game that takes you to a world where you pilot a biplane or a zeppelin and fight against the Motorhead Empire. The game features stunning pixel art, catchy music, and challenging gameplay. It is a remake of a classic game that was first released in 1992, and has been updated and improved for the Nintendo Switch.

Publisher: ININ Games
Developer: Mebius
Release Date:  21 July 2023

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The Legend of Steel Empire is a horizontal shoot ’em up game that was originally released for the Sega Mega Drive / Genesis in 1992. It has been remastered and re-released several times, most recently in 2024. The game is set in a steampunk world where two rival nations, the Republic of Silverhead and the Motorhead Empire, are at war. You play as a pilot of Silverhead, flying either a biplane or a zeppelin, and fight your way through eight stages of enemy airships, tanks, trains, and bosses.

The game’s main appeal is its stunning pixel art and animation, which have been preserved and enhanced in the latest version. The backgrounds are rich and detailed, the enemies are varied and impressive, and the explosions are spectacular. The game also features some lighting effects that highlight the vulnerable parts of the enemies and the damage you inflict. The game’s soundtrack is also excellent, with catchy tunes that match the mood and pace of each stage.

The game’s gameplay is fairly straightforward, but not without some twists. You can shoot in both directions, and you can also use a powerful bomb called the Imamio Thunder that clears the screen of enemies and bullets. You can also collect power-ups that increase your firepower, speed, and defense. The game has four difficulty levels, ranging from easy to insane, and each one affects the number and speed of the enemies and bullets. The game also has a scoring system that rewards you for destroying enemies quickly and without getting hit.


The game’s challenge is moderate, but not frustrating. The game is not very long, and you can beat it in less than an hour. However, the game has a lot of replay value, as you can try different difficulty levels, different aircraft, and different routes. The game also has a ranking system that assigns you a letter grade based on your performance. The game also has some secrets and easter eggs that add to the fun and humor of the game.

The game’s flaws are minor, but worth mentioning. The game’s sound effects are sometimes too loud and drown out the music, and the game’s intro has an annoying film noise effect that can be skipped. The game also has some occasional glitches and slowdowns that may affect the gameplay. The game’s story is also very basic and cliché, and the game’s ending is rather anticlimactic.

Final Thoughts

The Legend of Steel Empire is a great game for fans of retro shoot ’em ups and steampunk aesthetics. It is a faithful and polished remake of a classic game that still holds up well today. It is a game that is easy to pick up and play, but hard to master and put down. It is a game that offers a lot of fun and satisfaction for a reasonable price. It is a game that deserves a place in your Switch library.

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