Mega Drive Batman Forever Box Set

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Batman Forever Ltd EditionThis is probably a rare piece of gaming history, but not so much to do with the game but it is more to do with the fact that this collectors box set was only available to buy from Woolworths stores.  Woolworths stores are now closed down here in the UK and boxed sets were not as common back then in the game industry of the 16 bit consoles as they are now.

I bought this set back in 1995 when the game came out and this set includes a Diary, VHS Making of video and the game itself with a Batman Val Kilmer sticker all in  box with just the Logo on the lid.

This Box set from Woolworths was also released on the Nintendo SNES and as I remember my local Woolworths only having about 2 copies of each as did most of the Woolworth stores around my areas.  As far as I am aware there is not many out as there is not much information out there on the net and they don’t come up that often on ebay.

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